8 Pack 

​Only 14.49

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Undetectable By X-Ray and Metal Detectors!

Visit our videos link to see how easy it is  to discretely pack them. When packed properly in your luggage, they work every time!

The Kits have been designed by experienced cruisers, so you can easily take the 8 oz. Runners on-shore, to the beach or enjoy your own drinks on-board, on the Lido Deck, in the Jacuzzi or at the Night Club or Restaurant. Mix and serve your own Rum Runners, Margaritas etc. with the 32 oz flasks in comfort of your own Stateroom or on your Balcony!

The Runners also slip, completely undetectable, into a pocket of your shorts, pants or jacket.  When empty simply refill with your stateroom stash! (the 32oz. or 16oz. Flasks) Funnel included. Simple, Discrete and Fun!

When you buy now, you will receive (2) 8 oz. Cruise Rum Runners Free with every "Stateroom Kit" purchase. ​Our Cruise Runners Kits come in various sizes, listed below, all include packing instructions, a mini funnel for easy filling and all are designed to "keep it simple" and fun! 

(We only have limited quantities at this price so don't miss out, buy now before the price increase!)

Cruise runners

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Don't forget to check out our videos of actual cruisers on-board with their rum runner flasks! You can see how they were packed for success! Click here.

Interested in becoming a Distributor of Cruise Runners? Click here to tell us about your current retail store.

Not only are we giving away (2) 8 oz. Runners FREE we are also  giving you FREE  "Lightning Fast Shipping" on your order and a  Money Back Guarantee!

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4 Pack

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Thankfully, you have found a simple, inexpensive solution...​

Wine Runners

Cruise Rum Runner Flasks are undetected by metal detectors and x-ray machines. Stored in checked luggage. Packing tips and instructions are included with purchase. The flasks are nontoxic, BPA Free, Washable, Reusable,  Flexible and totally undetectable!

So Many uses!

"This Kit will save  you hundreds of dollars per cruise...maybe a thousand if you party like some we know"!

The reusable plastic Wine Runner Flasks are perfect for hiding and protecting your wine when traveling and allow you to take wine with you wherever you go! Completely undetectable by X-Ray and Metal Detectors. When empty, just refill at your next port of call!

Here's the "Secret Sauce"

Free Shipping Applies To USA and USA Territories, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas VI, St. Croix Only.

All Others Please Contact For Rates.

 Only $15.99

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32 oz. Stateroom Kits

Great Gift Idea!

Now you can sneak your favorite beverage anywhere! Any liquor, any time! Rum, Whiskey, Vodka, Tequila, Wine, yes, even Water!

Cruises of course!


Stadium Sporting Events


Ski Slopes

Cruise Ship Drink Prices Are Outrageous!

Liquor prices as high as $7-$13.00 per drink!  A 4 Pack of Beer for $30.00! Grocery store wine and champagne at $8-$13.00 per glass or $40.00 per bottle!  Don't let them spoil your vacation fun, get Cruise Runners today, you'll never cruise without them again!

How Much Can You  Save ????

Let's say you have 3 drinks per day on the cruise, liquor. Yes, we know, 7 days no work, but lets just say 3 drinks? So 3 x $8.00 including automatic tip they give themselves = $24.00 per day just for you.

Your "significant other" has 3 drinks too. At least, Right? That's a combined $48.00 per day x the typical 7 day Cruise = $336.00, with just 3 liquor drinks per day!

That doesn't even include the occasional Rum Runners or "Foo Foo drink of the day" at $10.00 each! We know you are in for an expensive boat ride if you like to party!

Don't be the next victim of High-Seas Robbery!

Think you can get away cheap by drinking Beer? THINK AGAIN!
A 4 pack of "Beer-in-a-Bucket" is typically priced at approx. $30.00 including the automatic 18% gratuity they give themselves! Yup...4 beers, $30.00!! Yikes!!!

 It all adds up so fast you won't realize it until the end of the cruise, t
hen it hits you, OMG, that great deal on this cruise just became super expensive!

Many of our customers have had over $1,000.00 in bar expense and didn't even realize it!

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Go Anywhere!

6 Pack

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Cruise Runners Flasks®!

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The Cruise Rum Runner Flask Pouch is made of durable, puncture resistant, odor proof and taste proof CLEAR polyester. The Flask Pouch stands up when filled, it can be rolled up and put in your pocket when empty, and is also reusable.

The Cruise Runner Flask Pouch has a locking seal spout, it is freezable and perfect for any liquid. The Flask Pouch is multi-functional and ideal for sneaking alcohol onto cruises, great for sports fans, travelers, golfers, hikers, skiers, concerts, and stadium events of all sorts.

Stop The Madness!

Sneak alcohol onto your next cruise!

Save Big On your Bar bill

Only 18.95

We are so sure you will save hundreds and absolutely never want to cruise without these again that we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee. We will refund or ship a replacement quickly. Because we can't help you pack we don't warranty for confiscation.

The Rum Smugglers Choice

16 oz. Stateroom Kits

 FREE DRINKS!  Every Day -  All Day - Wherever You Go!

Perfect for:  Concerts, Stadium Events, Boating, The Beach/Pool, Fishing, Camping Etc.

​​Just Say " NO WAY !"   To Overpriced Drinks!